Thank you for this post and your youtube, Janice. I'm glad I have the time to age now because I was so busy before that I didn't stop to realize I had control over how I choose to age. Yes, I am aging but doing far more for myself now than I did 30 years ago! And...I'm taking time to listen to mentors like you.

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What do I think? I think you are not only wearing your big girl pants, but you are wearing your smarty pants. I learn so much from you, Janice. I am glad I found your little island in the vast ocean of Substack. Yes! I need to stop whining and just get on with it. I have to remind myself every day. ha ha ha

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Thanks so much for this post Janice. And, thanks to all of you who have made comments. It's truly a heart warmer to know I'm not alone in the up and down roller-coaster of this thing referred to as "aging". I'm not certain which does me in more quickly - the 25 year old mind that results in some unusual aches and pains in the "Crone" body - OR - the Crone mind that sees that strange little lady in the mirror and has a strong sense of disbelief at the reflection.

I've spent this past week "recuperating" from a trip home to BC, Canada from Columbus, OH (25+ hours from getting up time to getting into my own bed time). Of course that results in being in a state of "over-tired" and the "woe is me/feeling sorry for myself" persona always steps forward to take centre stage in that scenario.

However, as Janice and others of you mention....pausing to consider all that we have to be grateful for is usually just what's needed. Somehow another day arrives with a potential for more gifts and magic. All of this seems to tie into my mantra of being "Perfectly on Time" and I DO believe I receive new awareness and understanding at exactly the moment it's needed.

Kind and caring regards to all of us.... :-)

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I’ve worked in health care for decades so have the opportunity to see many different ways we can age.

One thing I consistently observe, that sets folks back, is their inability to be fluid. Being so set in their ways that it becomes detrimental to their mental and physical well being.

For example, where I live there are many gardeners. Many folks plant the garden no matter what, same huge size as when they had a growing family. It hurts their body and exhausts them. Perhaps taking a wider view - they could plant a smaller garden filled with things they love and will eat and let the rest of the burden go?

Sometimes perhaps we lose what is meaningful by sticking with what we have always done because we don’t want to ‘get old’. But then by losing the meaning and joy we feel old.

And other days we just need to lay on the couch because that’s what our soul needs!

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I'm thankful for you and your writing.

I'm facing a couple big challenges. They're challenges because I don't know my limits.

I set boundaries but haven't tried to push past to see how bordering on limits will affect me.

One issue I have is that I never know what kind of day it's going to be. One day I wakeup feeling like fifty-bucks, certainly a far cry from a million bucks... and the next day I'm in emotional and mental debt barely able to function. I had to quit work due to stress.

Now I have to go back to work (if I can handle it) for 9 weeks. That's it. 9 short weeks which may seem like a lifetime. But. The hours are longer and more days. The money will take care of everything in the immediate future. Can I do it? Should I do it? Or should I forget about it, take a menial job and worry about not being able to meet financial health obligations due to insurance woes for goodness knows how long? Will mind, body, spirit hold out?

It's painful no matter how or what I decide to do.

This is aging 101 and I'm not getting a good grade so far.

Your article helped. I can't say how, but it helped me today. Thank you.

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I hear you Janice! I love all your advice and the resources you provide for us. You are a wealth of information and inspiration. Keep up the great posts -- and the honesty too. Hope this present stage gets easier. Double vision is challenging after eye surgery but usually passes. Good time for audio books.

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Big hugs Janice. This adjustment and acceptance malarkey is so annoying isn't it! I think you're doing great, in spite of everything xx

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Do you have an Osher Lifelong Institute around, Janice? Every semester I sign up for adult education classes. These non-credit courses keep my curious mind open and active! Have a great weekend 😊❤️

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