Fascinating, Janice! Thanks for sharing this personal up-close experience with us.

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Truly amazing. Thanks for this.

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Hi Janice. It must have been hard to see the glacial melt since your last trip to Alaska. What beautiful photos. And, I imagine, beautiful memories.

I am a 'down the rabbit hole' person, so I have spent the last hour+ clicking on link after link of scientific research, trying to understand the 'truth' behind climate change. So far, I haven't found it.

We're still in the interglacial period of an ice age, the Quaternary Glaciation period, Scientists seem to agree on that....and then the discussion begins. Some say we will be moving back into another ice age in about 50,000 years. Others say the industrial gases will slow that by 100,000 years or more.

I wonder if we humans, since we only learned to talk about 70,000 years ago, still need to take more time to understand the evolution of our planet and the ways we can best protect her.

I see other comments....and understand that everyone is concerned about our contribution to our planet's future.

I offer up some links for anyone wanting to dive down the rabbit hole, too.







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So much global change but as friends and I said yesterday, the moneyed echelons will never make decisions enough to protect the planet so we must do what we can in our own small lives. We plant trees (we've planted nearly 2000 in the last 5 years on the farm), grow our own food-supplies, are careful with our use of power (we have hydroelectricity) and try to reduce the amount of plastics and other stuff going into landfill. Every little bit helps. It gives us a sense of worth and positivity that we are helping those who really care.

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Very sad. Almost ever time I travel now, since my husband and I love visiting natural beauty, I’m reminded of how much we’ve messed up this planet.

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Amazing photos and very interesting! Sad to see the glaciers decline but like how you tied it into our aging process

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These images made me weep. They represent in real time what many of us don't see in our daily lives. Everyone should take a moment to understand the importance and mourn the loss. It is real.

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Oh Janice, it is so hard to believe it but I saw for myself what you saw. My husband and I waited to take our bucket list crews to Alaska when he retired. We looked forward to the glacier tour. He didn’t make because he only lived 5 months after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That dream was over. However some of my girlfriends wanted to go a few years later and I went along. From the pictures that I had seen from years earlier the glaciers were so much smaller than I anticipated. Still beautiful but definitely smaller. It is sad.

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