Love this perspective. Getting older is a blessing. Not everyone is able to get older and there’s still lots to share and still value in one’s life, experience, and perspective. I know the elders in my family are cherished and celebrated.

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Janice, thank you for reminding me of the importance of Mindset. I came to learn of Dr Carol Dweck’s work late in life via my grandson. He aspires to be a very talented golfer and we engaged a top coach. The coach assigned him 3 books to read. One of them was “The Fixed Mindset”. I read it too and it resonates with me. I realized that I started out life through High School with a Fixed Mindset. I attended a strict high school and squeaked through. But later in life I somehow changed my mindset to a growth mindset, and I graduated from College with honors. Same guy with a better mindset.

I can see that at my advanced age it could be easy to regress to a fixed mindset.

E.g. No one beats Father Time.

So thanks Janice for the reminder that my aging well is up to me having a Growth Mindset. E.g. My abilities are a function of my desire and attitude.

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