Janice, I agree that it is the quality of the remaining years and not the quantity of years. A few years ago I had my cardiovascular system checked and the Cardiologist told me that based on my results I could expect to live well into my 90’s unless something else got me. That news disturbed me. I never thought about a plan that looked that far into the future. I tried to think of others who reached that age. I couldn’t think of anyone that enjoyed the quality of those well into the 90’s years, but a few years later I became acquainted with John Kolb who reached 100 in 2022. John is healthy, independent, and happy. He really is the life of the party. He lives alone, still drives, and strives to be positive and to bring joy to others. So now I have my role model to strive to live well into my 90’s. I know that aging well is mostly up to me and that being positive , like John, will fuel my aging and make it more enjoyable

Below is a YouTube link that provides an example of John being positive and entertaining (I shared this with John recently so he won’t mind me sharing it here):


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As long as the magical pill you mention in the intro to this story keeps me healthy, I would love to live until I'm 100. I guess my biggest worry would be loneliness. If my wife dies earlier and my sons live far from me, I don't think it would be much fun.

By the way, I recently wrote about a lady who seems to have very clear ideas about what she wants from life. https://giannisimone.substack.com/p/its-never-too-late?s=w

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I'm not sure if I want to live to 100. It's the thought of bad health that puts me off. My Dad died with dementia and zero mobility at 83. My Mum is 81 with a lot of health problems. My husband and I don't have children so this does motivate me to make healthy choices now

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