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Compared to all of these folks, I have a LONG way to go in the Friend/Follower department. I left Twitter due to their political banning tendencies and I detest Instagram. I do have a little over 4900 Facebook "friends" and manage 3 Pages and 5 Groups plus my personal home page. I have yet to be ousted from that domain. I also have a presence on LinkedIn, Rumble, Getr and Telegram. These venues are showing some growth as is my presence here on Substack. At age 80 I have conceded that I can't quite hack all of the physical stuff I used to do, but age doesn't seem to be preventing my sitting or typing ability. I'm gonna keep on Afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted with my Politically Incorrect rhetoric and Christian Constitutionalist views until the Lord comes back or I am silenced by death. My plan is to make it another 40 years to age 120.

To live is Joy and to die is gain, from my Christian perspective.

I'd love for ally'all (that's Southernease for everybody), to check me out here on Substack @woody36060 and my page is Woodchips & Splinters. I've been here for a month and just getting started.

Blessings Y'all!!!

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