Wow Janice, I think you are doing an amazing job of understanding yourself and taking charge. This writing is something I’m going to keep and visit again and again in the months to come. Such a wealth of information. Many thanks for sharing, with appreciation!

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A perfect way to start the new year. Purpose and resolve and a clear outline so you can measure your progress. Beautiful! Excellent attachments, too. Thanks so much Janice.

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You, wonderful you, Janice, your words, your insights, your strength and courage, have enriched my world. And now this: a reminder to follow, until my last breath, a course of action that suits me! Thank you ❤️😊

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Thanks for sharing your life with everyone. I've been writing down noteworthy quotes from people I admire. It's my daily journal. I kind of hope that someday my grandchild might read it and find it interesting. I really appreciate your motivational words. I've been struggling with “My Next Step” in life. Thanks you 🙏

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Thank you for making life more comfortable for those of us who felt life was really over to decide new things. We aren’t dead yet.

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Janice, you won't be surprised that this struck home with me. All of it! You've put this together beautifully, just as you're working on putting your life together beautifully.

I've been guilty of letting others make decisions for me, maybe because it was easier, but I'm on my own now. Last year was hellish, with the loss of my husband, but strangely liberating at the same time.

You're right about learning to say 'no', as well as learning to say 'yes' to life.

I think I'll be coming back to this again and again, whenever I need a refresher!

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Thanks for reminding me to take charge of my character. I identified with having some regrets and having to be mindful of my mindset. It helps me to try to stay in the present moment. I use this poem as an affirmation that I wrote years ago:

"The Present Moment"

My self-esteem was lost,

I win by not listening to self-talk.

I speak to myself,

To remind myself to remind my mind,

“The past is not present at this time.”

Taking me outside of me,

To find gratitude and humility,

Thankfulness resides inside of me,

The present is presented at this time.

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