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When discussing ways to age well, articles typically focus on exercise, managing illnesses, and good nutrition. Another popular approach suggests following the six dimensions of wellness. Both offer excellent advice.

The Aging Well newsletter proposes that additional factors and circumstances play a role and must be considered. Factors such as underlying beliefs and perceptions that impact choices and decisions. Situations such as taking care of a loved one or experiencing chronic disease.

In the Aging Well Newsletter, we take what is known a step further. You will be asked to look into your willingness to change unhelpful beliefs and habits, to accept what is now normal, and to manage the various practical issues that can and do arise.

This will take “emotional labor”- honestly looking at less identified underlying demands of aging well. Whether you want to take that journey or not is your choice. But you will have the tools to do so if you want.

Are you up for the challenge?

More about Me

I am an 83-year-old woman who lives in a cozy little apartment Northern California with her two rescue cats, Bailey and Bella. I have a PH.D. in Psychology and am a licensed mental health professional with years of experience. When my husband of 60 years was diagnosed with dementia, the search began to figure out how older people could deal with challenging circumstances and still aged well.

We raised two children and two grandsons, moved across the country, and made a good life for ourselves – we were a team during our marriage. Then I was his primary care provider until he moved into a memory care facility. While there, he contracted COVID-19 and died.

During that time and now, I must dig deep within myself and make changes as I continue to age well - on my own.

I decided to share my journey and help others age well – no matter what. in my book Aging Well - 30 Lessons for Making the Most of Your Later Years. The newsletter is a supplement to the book.

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To age well, we need to change the conversation from the ordinary and known to look at underlying issues that must be addressed. Be part of a community of people who share your interests.

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