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The Aging Well Newsletter offers suggestions for making the most of your later years. Typically, the focus is on exercise, managing illnesses, and good nutrition. Some articles suggest that the six dimensions of wellness are key and they are. However, I propose that choices and decisions can be made to help you age well-no matter what. The "what" could include taking care of a loved one, experiencing a chronic disease, or dealing with a life ending disorder.

In the Aging Well Newsletter, we will take what is already discussed a step further to delve into issues such as the willingness to change beliefs and habits, to accept what is now normal, to evaluate how you really take care of yourself, and to no longer sabotage your effort to age well.

This will be about honestly laying out the underlying demands of aging well; then offering appropriate actions. Whether you like certain actions or not, you will be informed and not relying on myths and misinformation.

More about Me

I’m not an expert on aging, just someone who has a story to tell that you might find helpful.

I am an 82 year old woman, who lives in Northern California with her two rescue cats, Bailey and Bella. I have a PhD in Psychology and am a licensed mental health professional with over 30 years of experience.

When my husband of 60 years developed severe memory loss four years ago, I began researching how older people dealt with challenging circumstances and still aged well. During our marriage, we raised two children and two grandsons, moved across the country, and made a good life for ourselves – we were a team. Then I was his primary care provider until he moved into a memory care facility last fall. While there, he contracted COVID-19 and died. During that time and now, I must dig deep within myself and continue to make major changes so that I can continue to age well.

So, I decided to share my journey and help others age well – no matter what. For more on that, see my book Aging Well - 30 Lessons for Making the Most of Your Later Years and the tlcorner.com website.

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